Software Development

The software packages in the market are usually built with reference to a specific industry and its related workflow. They execute according to predefined logic and may not easily address the specific needs of individual businesses. Custom software applications will allow you to run your business processes in the way that suits your company or organization, rather than being constrained by some existing software package. When you use the software that is designed specifically for your company's needs, you are able to operate your business more effectively and efficiently. This will give you an edge against your competitors.

We have been developing, designing and delivering a wide range of custom software applications to our satisfied clients in various industries. They include office automation applications, data warehouse solutions, custom portals, enterprise integration systems, and mobile applications. We develop software solutions that streamline business processes, integrate disparate systems, and help our clients operate their businesses more efficiently and profitably. We are dedicated to building software solutions that can bring real business value to our clients. Our software development team consists of experienced professional and is skillful in the following technologies.

  • Java/Java EE, JSP/JSF, JPA, Hibernate
  • C#, .NET Framework
  • PL/SQL, Oracle Forms/Reports
  • C/C++, UNIX Shell Scripts
  • Talend Data Integration, Mondrian OLAP, BIRT/Jasper Reports, SpagoBI
  • NetBeans, Eclipse
  • Glassfish, JBoss, WebLogic
  • Oracle Database Server, MySQL Database Server, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Windows Server, Linux Server, HP-UX Server


If you are thinking about implementing a custom software solution to help improve your business processes, please contact us immediately. We will give you some free advice on how to implement a cost-effective custom software solution according to your requirements.