Business Intelligence (BI)

Business intelligence (BI) is a set of tools and techniques used to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. The tools and technologies used by BI can process large amount of data. The main objective of BI is to assist a company or an organization in interpreting these large volumes of business data and analyzing relevant business processes. Correct interpretation of these data can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage through identifying new business opportunities and implementing effective business strategies.

We have substantial experience in implementing BI solutions for our clients in various industries. We develop our BI solutions bases on Pentaho and SpagoBI, which are two of the most popular open source products for implementing BI solutions. Pentaho is a cost-efficient open source BI solution that helps you build highly versatile BI mechanisms. It is well known for its mobility features. SpagoBI is a complete BI suite that comes pre-loaded with numerous components and modules. Both products are ideal for SMEs to implement cost-effective BI solutions, and they provide the following core features.

Feature Description
Dashboard Produce real-time monitoring consoles.
Cockpits Aggregate several documents into a single view, fostering their interactive and intuitive usage.
Charts Develop single ready-to-use graphical and interactive widgets.
OLAP Allow the multidimensional analysis on data through flexible and user-friendly OLAP engines.
Reporting Produce structured reports and export them in several formats.
KPI Create, manage, view and browse KPI hierarchical models.
Location Intelligence Run-time connections between geographic and business data.
Free Enquiry Build enquiry queries through entirely graphical tools.
Data Mining Find out hidden information patterns among a great amount of data.
ETL Load data into the data warehouse and manage it.


If you are thinking about implementing a BI solution to help grow your business, please contact us immediately. We will give you some free advice on how to implement a cost-effective BI solution according to your requirements.