Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing a company’s relationships and interactions with its customers, sales prospects, and business partners. It provides support for business activities such as marketing, sales, and customer service by using information technology to organize, automate, and synchronize relevant business data and processes. Through a centralized view of customer data, your company can get a better understanding of existing customers and their business behaviour. As a result, your company can formulate effective strategies to consolidate relationships with existing customers and to acquire potential new customers.

At Focalwork, we have substantial experience in implementing various CRM solutions for our clients. We understand that the needs of each client are unique and need to be addressed according to the specific requirements of each individual business. We work closely with our clients to identify the most suitable CRM solution and provide advice on the best practice for CRM implementation. This includes assisting clients in identifying business requirements, developing scenarios, and advising on the implementation approaches. We will also provide clients with a prototype demonstration to verify their requirement before committing to a formal implementation.

We develop our CRM solutions based on SuiteCRM and SugarCRM, which are popular and mature open source products rich in functionality. They have been chosen by many companies and organizations over the world as a cost-effective CRM solution to manage their relationships with their customers and clients. The core features provided by them are listed in the following table.

Feature Description
Dashboard Design personal dashboards to obtain key information quickly.
Contacts Capture and manage customer individual information.
Accounts Capture and manage customer organization information.
Opportunities Used to manage your sales opportunities.
Campaigns Allows users to send out mass email campaigns and report on the results.
Targets Capture and manage targets to market to.
Leads Used to manage your sales leads or unqualified opportunities.
Calls Schedule and log your calls associated to your customers.
Meetings Schedule and manage your meetings associated to you.
Tasks Set actions for yourself or other users.
Emails Send emails from email templates based on CRM data.
Calendar Allows users to view, schedule and manage activities such as calls, meetings, and tasks.
Notes Add notes and attachments against other modules in the CRM system.
Documents Store documents and associate them to customer and sales modules.
Events Track and manage events and delegate attendance.
Cases Track and manage issues reported by your users and customers.
Products Capture the products you offer and their associated information.
Quotes Create quotations using product and service lines then generate PDF documents to distribute to your customers.
Invoices Convert your quotations to invoice and generate PDF documents to distribute to your customers.
Contracts Capture and manage contract information.
Workflow Automate core business processes by defining conditions to trigger the creation/modification of records or sending emails internally or externally.
Reporting Generate real-time reports on your CRM data.
Projects Capture and manage your organization projects.


If you are thinking about implementing a CRM solution to help your business stay competitive, please contact us immediately. We will give you some free advice on how to implement a cost-effective CRM solution according to your requirements.